We are a group of structural engineers passionate about engineering and sharing it with others. In addition to the team members below, we also receive a lot of help and support from the Public Outreach Committee members of SEAONC (read more about SEAONC below).


Elide Pantoli, Co-Host

Elide received her B.S and M.S. degrees in civil engineering at the University of Bologna and her Ph.D. in structural engineering at UCSD. She currently works at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates in Emeryville. During the years spent as a TA and instructor at UCSD, she developed a passion for finding the best way to communicate technical concepts to non-experts. An avid learner, she loves listening to podcast and audiobooks. With The Deconstructed Podcast, she hopes to use her skills and interests to create a new channel of communication between the community of structural engineers and the public.


Andrew Martinez,


After earning his M.S. in structural engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Andrew made the move back to his home state of California. There he went to work for KPFF as a structural design engineer in 2016 and quickly became enamored with the investigation and rehabilitation of existing and historic buildings. While living in the Bay Area he quickly discovered the SEAONC Public Outreach Committee and got involved in helping with the mission of raising the profile of structural engineers. He has since moved to Los Angeles, but is still with the podcast as the sole member of the Southern California branch.


Camille Bhalerao

Camille is a project manager at Jacobs, working in marine structural engineering and construction management. She is a multi-talented engineer, consultant, and creative. She provides design, messaging, social media, and publicity work to the Deconstructed Podcast. If there is a problem, yo, she’ll solve it.

Grant Iwamoto

Grant is an engineer at KPW Structural Engineers working on a variety of building projects around California. He previously worked on transportation infrastructure projects such as Honolulu Rail Transit, California High Speed Rail, and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge Bike/Pedestrian Path. Grant received his undergraduate and master’s degree from MIT and also competed in the Student Steel Bridge Competition. His favorite podcasts (besides The Deconstructed Podcast) are Planet Money, Freakonomics, and Hidden Brain.


Martina Sbicca

Martina is the second Italian on the Deconstructed Crew and is a design engineer at KPFF Consulting Engineers, working on projects of various size and category. She's completed several seismic retrofits for both residential and commercial buildings, and has been on the design team for new healthcare projects. Martina received her undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering from Santa Clara University, and her Master's degree in Structural Engineering from Stanford. Her Master's work focused on Earthquake Engineering. She's listened to every single Radiolab episode to date, and is slowly catching up on TED Radio Hour and 99% Invisible when she's not tuning into TheDeconstructedPodcast!



SEAONC is the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California.  Our Association’s goals are to advance the practice of structural engineering, to build community among our members, and to educate the public regarding the structural engineering profession.  Our areas of focus include: educating the public about earthquake risk and seismic performance, promoting increased equity and engagement in the structural engineering profession, increasing membership, providing better service to members of small firms, operating SEAONC more efficiently and increase transparency of the Association, participating in various resilience conversations, strengthening our relationship with the academic community, and enhancing public and client perception of the value of structural engineers.